Polio and AIDS & What Caused the Black Plague?

How many Ph.D's, M.d's, and scientists - employed in some of the top institutions - need to make statements about the catastrophe that is awaiting the global population if serious, unbiased, studies are not undertaken regards "all" vaccines. Big Pharma' are getting away with NOT conducting clinical trials of vaccines because they have coerced Congress NOT to categorise vaccines as a pharmaceutical drug. Upon reading the report from whistle-blower Dr. William Thompson, two pro-vaccine doctors "immediately" changed their minds in this documentary, one stating, "we've been lied to".

In one week 45,000 people subscribed to the magazine Autism File when Polly Tommey's story was given national coverage. 45,000 (plus) parents in the U.K. alone "all" describing the same symptoms in their child immediately after receiving the MMR vaccine. 'Medicine is about pattern recognition, and there was a clear pattern emerging' (Dr. Andrew Wakefield).

Just in the United Sates, alone: Autism statistics were, 20 years ago, 1 in 10,000. Today they`re 1 in 50. 'I knew nothing about Autism. When I was at medical school it was so rare, we weren't taught about it' (Dr. Andrew Wakefield). The CDC cannot accept funding directly from the pharmaceutical companies, but they can - and do - set-up charities which can receive contributions.

The CDC being responsible for investigating and submitting findings of "studies", is rather like when the orchestrators of 911 nominated themselves as its investigating body. Here is the documentary that "everyone" on this planet should see: http://vshare.eu/ktw9i4orw4x2.htm but, survivors of vaccine related (debilitating) injuries are not only the child/come adult, but the immediate family, and the people of our entire planet. If this continues, all of our time, energy, and resources will be spent caring for our loved ones; now enraged, socially dysfunctional adults. 

Is it not about time that we started to look very carefully at the practice – and more importantly the reasons – behind vaccinations and the compulsory requirement for them? Several investigators have uncovered some startling facts about vaccines and the evidence that their exists manufactured propaganda surrounding their importance, and that the reasons for vaccinating entire populations are very different to what we`re being told. `The SV-40 [polio vaccine] has been connected to brain tumors, bone cancers, lung cancer, and leukemia` (Marrs 2010: 178). In the 1950s,

After millions of Americans, and others around the world, were given the new [polio] vaccine, scientists discovered the vaccine contained a cancer causing monkey virus called Simian vacuolating virus 40 (SV-40), a virus which closely related to the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and one that was born through the manufacture of the polio vaccine from infected monkey glands (Marrs 2010: 178).

Author, lecturer, and neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock, warned: “ the Baxter [or, what is better known as “swine flu’] vaccine, called Celvapan, has had fast track approval. It uses a new verocell technology, which utilizes cultured cells from the African green monkey. This same animal tissue transmits a number of vaccine-contaminating viruses, including the HIV virus” (Marrs 2010: 185).

Is it a completely outrageous and impossible summation to consider that this may have been deliberate? Was HIV/AIDS manufactured in top secret American laboratories by Nazi scientists whisked off to America, immediately following the war – under Project Paperclip – in order that the “Fourth” Reich would now begin – still the Brotherhood – and continue the eugenics program under a different name, hiding behind a different mask?

“… So, I asked him, [anonymous] Is this true? – And I have this on tape, too – He said: Yes. In order to protect the environment we need to reduce the world’s population to TWO billion. And war just doesn’t do it, so we’re gonna try to use disease and starvation” (Fulford: 2008).

… I need to tell you that the situation on Earth is worse than 99.999% of the population understands. I have people call me from all over the world. I have received thousands of emails and have talked to hundreds of people, and you won`t like hearing what I`ve learned. You might even think I`m crazy, but I`ve got to say it because I couldn`t live with myself if I didn`t. I`d really rather not mention it, as there are enough people who think I`m nuts already, but I`ve got to if only to get some people thinking. It`s this: Our leaders are trying to kills us (Humble 2006: 126), emphasis in original.

In a December 2009 article, it was noted that thirty-three million persons worldwide and thirteen million sub-Saharan Africans have died of AIDS. Writer Angeyo Kalambumka [Kenyan Newspaper, Daily Nation] noted, “soon after the US State Department published the Global 2000 report for the President in 1980 advising that the world population must be reduced by 2 billion people by the year 2000, Thomas Ferguson of the Office of Population Affairs elaborated in the Executive International Review that `the quickest way to reduce populations is through famine, like Africa, or through disease, like in the Black Death … population reduction is now our primary policy objective`” (Marrs 2010: 123).

`To this day, many people still believe thatAcquiredImmuneDeficiencySyndrome (AIDS) was created by bioengineers working in the United States after the immigration of Nazi eugenicists` (Marrs 2010: 122). `One theory was that it was developed between 1969 and 1972 in U.S. laboratories, then released in Africa by unsuspecting WHO workers in 1975 in doses of the smallpox vaccine …. It was believed by some that AIDS came to the United States in 1978 in the Hepatitis B vaccine laced with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus … (ibid).

There are dozens, if not hundreds of new diseases, and they are not natural diseases….  these recently created diseases are much harder to handle, as they seem to have a certain ability to hide in the body when antibodies and oxidation chemicals are present. All these new diseases are traceable back to government laboratories (Humble 2006: 126).

Please observe the mention of the Black Death, by Thomas Ferguson, above.

The Collected Works of Charles Fort, contains four books of Mr. Fort`s best work, and as such is 1062 pages in length. The author cannot, at this time, relocate the exact quotes but feels sure that they are within the third book, Lo, as it appears in thecollectedworks. They are citations of evidence that each of the two Black Plagues seen throughout Europe, were preceded by strange mists – or fogs – (are you familiar with Chemtrails?) which resulted in the immediate and rapid spread of a deadly disease, resulting in thousands of deaths. What this author has managed to relocate, however, is: there is another view from which I am now gathering material – New York Times, Dec. 6, 1930 – “Scores die; 300 stricken by poison fog in Belgium; panic grips countryside. Origin complete mystery. War scenes recalled.” It may be that it was [is] a war (Fort 1941: 574).

Posted by Elliot Sabino February 13th, 2016