Vaccines are Protecting the Wealth of the Elite; not the Health of our Children

At Least 45,001 People Report Autism is Directly Linked to Vaccinations

If it isn’t now common knowledge, Polly Tommey - arduously, on schedule, took her son Billy to be injected with the 3-in-one-shot MMR vaccine. What resulted from this was Ms. Tommy and her family caring for a severely autistic son, for life. Ten years on Polly and her husband Jon decided to begin treating Billy’s constipation - and gut related problems - with the hormone secretin. The improvements seen from this treatment led to a series of events which resulted in 45,000 people subscribing to the magazine Autism File - in one week - when her story was given national coverage on the U.K. London Weekend Television program Trevor McDonald Tonight Show

‘We set up a website for anyone who wanted to know more about secretin. It got 150,000 hits, the computer crashed and LWT couldn't cope with all the inquiries’. Forty-five thousand people stated that after bringing their child home from receiving the MMR vaccine, their child has never been the same since; describing exactly the same symptoms as Ms. Tommy does. 

Testimony from just 1 Doctor

Dr. Andrew Wakefield stated, ‘medicine is about pattern recognition, and there was a clear pattern emerging’ in the documentary Vaxxed, from Cover-up to Catastrophe. Supporting, and other, information can be found here, which is the question and answer session that occurred in Boise Idaho, after the sell-out screening of the documentary on August 2, 2016. In, yet another, short expose’ we have cited information from sources, who implicate members of the United States Congress as succumbing to the pressure of blackmail from Big Pharma in 1982. 

Big Pharma Are Immune from Prosecution

Merck, Wyeth Lederle, and Connaught told Congress they would no longer sell vaccines 

… unless a law was passed giving them total immunity from prosecution. Big Pharma knew they were in serious trouble when … the DPT shot was causing brain inflammation and death in many children. The live oral polio vaccine was crippling children and adults…and Americans were filing law suits to hold drug companies responsible for the safety of their products

The result of this was ‘…Reagan’s National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 [under which] … vaccine makers can’t be sued for vaccine deaths or injuries”’.

It seems rather obvious that some congresspersons don’t give a hoot about the health or welfare of U.S. children, but why, should congress care if the vaccine manufacturers were being sued? What’s in it for them? Well, who do you think funds their political campaigns? Who is it that contributes multimillions to those nationwide puppet shows and other ridiculous spectacles that ultimately get them elected? 

Big profits can be assured if the corporate paymasters of bought-and-paid-for congresspersons will pass laws that force their constituents to purchase or otherwise use their products… In the case of the vaccine makers, they try to get legislators to pass laws that will make it unlawful to refuse forced vaccinations that are mandated by the government.

The congresspersons have to pay the piper - or simply wish to gain from profits being offered - and it is, apparently, a testament to our political systems that it is we the people who are paying with our lives, and the lives of our children. A glaring example of this is Australia’s current Prime Minister. 

Australian Prime Minister Owns Shares in Pfizer BioPharmaceuticals

In 2015, Malcolm Turnbull introduced - into the Federal Government - the “No Jab, No Pay” bill: denying thousands of Australian parents social security benefits and childcare rebates, unless they allow their children to be subjected to vaccination. Why would he do such a thing? Well, because Turnbull owns shares in Pfizer BioPharmaceuticals

The Prime Minister even has financial ties in tobacco, which may lead to a rabbit hole if you want to research it, considering that in Australia tobacco is very strictly regulated with only pictures of mouth or lung cancer allowed on the few brands of cigarette permitted to be sold in the country.

Lucy Turnbull is the Chair of Prima BioMed

But, wait; there’s more. Turnbull’s wife, Lucy, is the Chair of Prima Biomed. This is a biotech company that develops immunotherapeutic “treatments” for cancer. Could it be possible that these types of Immunotherapeutic “treatments” are indeed, responsible for Autoimmune “diseases”?  

Highly controversial author & presenter David Icke states - in his 1996 book, the Biggest Secret - that vaccines, and the type of legislation which is increasingly being introduced now, is specifically designed to destroy the infant’s immune system at a most crucial stage of its development. Dr Andrew Wakefield offers us some statistics which would seem to leave little room for doubt: Just in the United States, alone, Autism statistics were, 20 years ago, 1 in 10,000, today it’s 1 in 50. ‘When I was in medical school, it was so rare, we weren't even taught about it’.     

Representative for Merck Co. Blows the Whistle  

Hogwash! This coudn’t possibly be correct! Well, would you believe someone who once worked as a rep’ for Merck Pharmaceuticals who found out Merckwere covering up deaths directly associated with the use of their drug Vioxx? ‘Brandy Vaughn worked for MERCK Pharmaceuticals until she realized the drugs she was helping push for the company were actually killing the very people they were supposed to be helping’.

It’s all about the Money

Let’s take a quick look at just what your health - and the health of the world’s children - is worth to three of Big Pharma’s hardest hitters.

Annual Recorded Sales/Revenue for 2016:

Merck: U.S.$39.5 billion

Pfizer: U.S.$52.82 billion 

Johnson & Johnson U.S.$71.89 billion

Is it really all just about money, though, or is there something altogether much more sinister - even evil - associated with the poisoning of human beings in this manner? In an extremely interesting interview, Dr. Rebecca Carley discloses her experiences working as a doctor in a hospital in Brooklyn where she reports some horrific practices and procedures - that go well beyond negligence - as standard occurrences. This information (testimony) could well turn out to be a part of the answer as to what is really driving the compulsory vaccination agenda. 

Or, Is it, only about the Money? 

Dr. Carley’s persecution, ostracism, and consequent work with “Reversing Vaccine Induced Illnesses” are stories for other articles, but in this video she tells of people being operated on without anaesthetic, frail-aged patients being, literally, “allowed” to die, and of all kinds of drugs and treatments being prescribed/administered, unnecessarily for mere profit. Perhaps the most concerning area of the vaccination issue is just how little information is encouraged for, allowed to, or even available to the public. Under the guise of ‘protecting trade secrets’ almost no-one knows just exactly what is going into these vaccines, ‘…as no unauthorised visitors are ever allowed inside these vaccine manufacturing plants’.

Vaccine skeptics and unbiased vaccine researchers sometimes joke that, as with sausage-making, you wouldn’t want to smell or watch the process of manufacturing vaccines; for if you saw what went into the final product, you wouldn’t willingly allow it to get into your body

But, Wait, there’s more … Vaccines to Come

Even though Merck’s Sales/Revenue documents showed a decline of around U.S.$8 billion from 2012 the vaccine companies are planning the release of more and more vaccines and without doubt the “mandatory” administration of them. ‘…the pharmaceutical industry is proud to acknowledge that they have 271 new products in their vaccine “pipeline”’. 

Without doubt the most disturbing aspect of the litany of vaccines likely planned to be enforced on our children - and on us - is that of unbiased, genuine clinical testing. 

One major reason for making wise decisions about reflexively accepting vaccine advice from Big Pharma and Big Medicine is that none of the current batch of vaccines for infants and children (or pregnant women or older adults for that matter) has followed the stringent research standards that are usually taken for granted when it comes to the approval of potentially dangerous xenobiotics and biologics by the FDA.   

Is it a Eugenics Program? 

Jim Marrs - in several of his books, including the New York Times Best Seller, Trillion Dollar Conspiracy - makes a rather strong case that the real agenda is one of a eugenics program. And he is not alone in this estimation. It seems more than apparent that those who have the financial and influential resources to buy the FDA, congresspersons, Prime Ministers and Presidents are, increasingly, poisoning what we eat, what we drink - what we watch, read and listen to (metaphorically). And for well more than 30 years, now, they have been poisoning our blood with neurotoxins like aluminum, and mercury in order to destroy our immune systems, and our cognitive abilities. If vaccine efficacy is still in question, this, latter, is surely well documented now. 

Posted by Elliot Sabino, July 15th, 2017

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