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"How do I know I`m getting quality colloidal Silver"?  

Water quality is extremely important, and also, It must be stated that "everything" that comes into contact within the generation process: glassware, all instruments, spoons, measuring cups, etc must be, basically sterilized with "the purest" form of distilled water. Please note, this water is also the quality of which is required to generate a successful batch of colloidal (or colloidal / ionic) silver. As such, it is not so easy to come by, well, more to the point it's our biggest expense. It must be distilled down to 0.01 ppm, at least. The water we use is 0.00 pm "Nothing" is in the water, at all. I test it, every box we buy, before doing anything else. Please note:  Most "distilled water" that you'll buy over the counter is hardly even worthy of the name. The closest quality "distilled" water I've seen purchased over the counter, read 0.26 ppm when I tested it. 

“Can`t Colloidal Silver Turn you Blue”?  

Yes, the condition you're referring to is called Argyria. It has happened to a couple of people; one famous one is Paul Karason. They still lead healthy, long lives, but, yes: who wants to be a blue human; I'm already a "blue human", I always have been, if you can catch that drift. However, poor water quality is a small part of the problem that causes Argyria; It's much more likely, however, to occur from poor quality silver. The silver rods we use are .9999 percent pure silver, anything much under this purity would be seriously tempting fate. I, also sterilize all equipment with this 0.00 ppm water, then I rinse and collect it, and then test "the rinsed water" by way of being sure there are NO unwanted particles remaining in any single bottle, before bottling, plugging and capping. Additionally, I drink 60 millilitres of "every batch" before bottling it, to see if I turn blue. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to address this, here, as it would, without doubt, be the number 1 concern of anyone considering buying / using colloidal silver. None of the above, however, was the catalyst to Mr. Karason turning blue. Paul made the mistake of adding table salt to his his electrolysis procedure to reduce production time. 

“Do You Know Where I Can Buy Reasonably Priced Colloidal Silver”?

Some of you - who may not have looked at other silver vendors - have asked questions regarding the "cost" of the product. We went into this wanting to provide high quality silver products at, basically, half the costs of our major competitors. Please, understand production costs are "high". The quality of water necessary is expensive. I charge nothing for labor, of course, and all of it: bottles, labels, printing packaging, costs money. But, particularly, "shipping". Folks may not realize - when looking at other vendors - the product cost does "not include shipping". Shipping will be tacked-on to your bill when checking out! often costing more than the product itself. We state, clearly, that our total product price for each package "includes international shipping costs".

With "physical products" preparing, boxing, shipping, admin' work - with even the most elementary tasks - like ensuring the correct address is on the correct package, takes time, and effort. Someone has to be there to do it, and make sure it gets done properly. What we've tried to do, is offer the same product, or better - as other vendors - of colloidal silver, but at half the price. I'm not going to try and "hard sell" you our silver, as we are a small start-up, small team. Our prices reflect the costs of materials - water, bottles, labels, and shipping, primarily. Additionally, we don`t charge the customer tax, that is another hit that we take. But, if you were prepared to wait a couple of weeks, the shipping would be cheaper. I could calculate it for you given which package you wanted, if you would give us your approximate location. 

Other than that, you can look around, maybe you'll find someone cheaper. Another thing with regards costs is that vendors who sell "any physical product" on Amazon are charged 40 U.S. Bucks per month, whether anyone is buying their product, or not, and then there's paying tax to a country in which you don't live, have never lived, and in which you don't necessarily ever want to live. It gets expensive, quickly, because everyone wants a cut.

Yes, these are small bottles, 120 millilitres (4 Fluid Ounces). For the most efficient use of your colloidal silver, and certainly for the most effective means when using your silver in an ingestion type of way, is to nebulize your silver, with a nebulizer such as the Veridian Nebulizer pictured below.

As already mention, above, nebulizing is one highly recommended methods of using colloidal silver, and it is recommended that you use the colloidal/Ionic blend, pictured above, for maximum efficacy. 

Colloidal Silver Gel, Is What I Recommend, As I Have Undertaken No Research, Into T2F`s Colloidal Silver Products; I have not Bought the Product, nor Tested it, Scientifically, Nor Tested It In Any Other Way.   

Hello, Seeking Atruth. So you're referring to silver colloid in "gel" form. That's cool. It works extremely well for burns, arthritis, warts, fungus, anything for topical application. Silver colloid in - pretty-well any form - is likely to be extremely effective - based on reports from others - so long as it has been made with "the purest of ingredients". We are currently making liquid form - only - colloidal, ionic, and colloidal / ionic blend silver that is 0.9999 percent pure, and we end up with a ppm of between 16 - 18, bearing in mind that 2 - 4 ppm of silver exists in unmeasurable form. When you shared my post, from yesterday, you were undermining my post, and suggesting that "our silver" is of inferior quality. As with everything else that I do - controversial is probably the most polite reference I receive, from the narcissists, "thanks" and "I respect you for your work" is probably the nicest thing I get from the awakened. To clarify "yes" I/we are trying to make money from our silver products, and also from my books, and my instructional guitar videos, because I absolutely hate "debt-slavery" in all its forms, but particularly, in the form of having to worship "a boss" by way of "singing for my meager supper". You "are SURE that our silver is a FACTOID" knowing nothing whatever about it, and never having tested it scientifically, or otherwise. It seems to me that it's YOU who is the FACTOID. If you had bothered to read the conversation between I and Dave, above, you would, perhaps, realize that "my" first interest is in helping people, also. I spent an hour or more re-finding websites and makers of products that I think would be most appropriate for him to be looking into given his condition, and provided links and names for him to contact.