Royalty Free, non-copyright protected, excellent, EFL resources for foreigners teaching English in Asian countries. Tried and proven Methods of Teaching English, for the EFL teacher, teaching English grammar, in a passive, fun way. English for Beginners - both beginner teachers & students - each Lesson plan is in English, complete with a step-by-step guide for the teacher, or parent, as to how to teach these lessons. The 3rd page of each lesson, is an A4 Size, printable / photocopiable, vocabulary card set, which is to be magnified - to A3 size - for use as the poster, when teaching in the classroom. 

The Only English as a Second Language Text Books with a Step-by-step Guide for Teachers on How to Teach English, Including Resources and Materials.   

These Text Books are Affordable, Non-Copyrighted, A4 Size, copiable, in PDF format: Methods of Teaching English, with a Passive Method of Teaching English Grammar, for Communicative Purposes. 

Download the Free Preview copy of this book as, pending current student English acquisition - If you`re in Europe, for example - these lessons may be suitable for elementary school students...

Or, purchase your PDF copy now, of Text Book 1: Nine complete A4 printable size lessons, with color materials and resources, and step-by-step instructions as to how to teach these lessons. 

Preparation for English Communication, for Junior High School Students Book 2. 

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Download this Free Preview of Book 2: a 10 lesson text book, to assess suitability for your students/children. 

Lessons, & Materials, for Teachers and Students specifically tailored to Asian students. These texts are the only English as a Second Language Text Books, WITH A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE FOR TEACHERS - OR PARENTS - ON HOW TO TEACH THESE LESSONS, including resources and materials. 

Please, download the Free Preview Copy of Book 2. If you`re in Europe, for example - pending current student English acquisition - these lessons may be suitable for elementary school students.
I first began creating these lessons after teaching for several years in international schools, and junior high schools, in Japan, all the while never managing to find "published" text books that were an appropriate level for the students I was teaching. 

You may find these books, and materials, highly suitable for your current students, or children. And that they are really good value for money. These text books are affordable, non-copyrighted, A4 size, copiable, methods of teaching English, with passive, interactive methods of teaching/learning English grammar, for communicative purposes.