Feminist Movement Was a Huge Lie from the Cabal for Their Global Agenda: Conspiracies Galore.

In an interesting interview conducted by Alex Jones, the late Aaron Russo, exposes revelations given him by Nick Rockefeller regarding the agenda of the Global New World Order and the planned One World Government (the Global Agenda). How many people, today, believe that women and men should be treated equally; paid equally, employed equally, enjoy the same rights of protection, and civil liberties, by law? Most thinking people acknowledge that this is fair, and just, and that the Feminist Movement - and the resulting Women`s Liberation scheme - is fair, just, and right on track. Would you agree? 

The above mentioned interview, surely, was not witnessed and as such could perhaps not be proven in a court of law, but Mr Russo testifies that Nick Rockefeller admitted to him that the creation of the Women`s Liberation Movement was for a very different purpose than what we`ve been told. There were two main reasons behind the Rockefeller Foundation - and the Cabal with their Globalist Agenda creating the movement, according to Rockefeller himself: "we couldn`t tax half the population, before Women`s Lib" and the other reason was, we get the kids at an earlier age; get them in school; indoctrinate them into the system; make them think the state is their parent.  The interview cited at this URL link was obviously retrieved five years after the death of Mr Russo. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9Wsb4qBckU Feb 9th 2012, Alex Jones, interviews Aaron Russo.

`The aim of the Alpha Lodge [Australia`a Leading Satanic Society] remains illiteracy rates of sixty-six percent by 2010 ... ` (Narsagonan, cited in Icke 2010: 663). Could this possibly be true? How many nuclear families in the western world exist today in a situation where the mother can be a housewife; raise the children at home, with the husband`s income sufficient to pay all the bills and the mortgage, in addition to paying for his and his wife`s pension and for the kids to go to university and/or have a start in life? Can you think of one family? 

By 1978, day care was a booming business, and educators had become “agents of social change” and “facilitators of learning.” Psychiatrists touted the day-care concept as being not only beneficial to parents, but a boon to a child`s socialization and school readiness. The reality of course was less positive. Day-care centers over-stimulated toddlers and made them nervous; they transmitted diseases such as, hepatitis; and they weakened the bond between parent and child. But the groundwork had been laid. Institutions of “learning” had now taken on a new function: that of substitute parent (Eakman 2007: 65).  

Is it possible that the grand design included more than just indoctrinating the child into the “control system?” It would seem that right around this time - the 1970`s - taxes were raised, minimum wage was reduced - or at least stagnated while inflation grew to new heights - for “all” employees, interest rates were raised, credit cards were introduced, cars specifically designed for - and targeting - the female owner came onto the market, and as a result, now, a woman “has” to work. Just observe how clever these “people” are. Apparently, one of the oldest tricks in the history of humanity is to convince populations to worship their servitude; to sell it to them under the guise of freedom. 

`All governments count on their sheeple to respond in typical infantile fashions, including unconsciously identifying with a more powerful force - even when it enslaves, brutalizes and humiliates them` (Narsagonan, cited in Icke 2010: 663). In offering supporting evidence Jim Marrs observes and elaborates.  

Nick Rockefeller, a participant in the World Economic Forum and member of the Council on Foreign Relations, may have revealed the agenda of the New World Order in a casual comment. According to the late Hollywood producer, Aaron Russo, Rockefeller told him, “The end goal is to get everybody micro-chipped, to control the whole society, to have the bankers and the elite people control the world” (Marrs 2010: 15).

Directly supporting this, ` ... The aim of the Alpha Lodge ... [is] ... the destruction of at least seventy percent of the globe`s population by 2030` (Narsagonan, cited in Icke 2010: 663). The Globalist Agenda, conspiracy and political corruption, extends, according, to Mr. Russo to "... RFID chips, for the entire global population. The aim is for a perpetual, pointless, state of " ... war with no enemy; to control the American [global] public. Until we discover what really happened on 911, and who was responsible for 911  - because that`s where the war emanates from - we will never get to the bottom of the War on Terror.` Additionally, "...the wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan were a giant hoax" (Aaron Russo).

You may be interested in reading more about this.    Posted by Elliot Sabino June 18, 2015

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