Sabino Interviewed by Pacific Book Review. October 15th, 2014 

1. When were you first introduced to the ideas you write about in Transform to Freedom?

I had an experience at around eleven years of age - that I shall never divulge to anyone - that convinced me that there is a lot more to this physical experience and this planet on which we live than most people, perhaps, want to know about. Additionally from a rather young age, I began suspecting that there is something very wrong with this world; that there are many things that we are not being told; that there is a game being played; and that we are perhaps the pawns within it. 

Then in 2007 a close friend, whom I`ve shared much of my deepest thoughts with, introduced me to the work of Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan: the online Project Camelot Portal; interviews with all kinds of whistleblowers, authors, UFO witnesses and others. This was something of a eureka moment in my life. It was as though I`d finally found what I should be doing; an area that I were meant to be contributing to, somehow. This led me to taking many notes, following lines of research and purchasing many “non-fiction” books.    

2. What was it that persuaded you that your discoveries were true?

Perhaps the best answer I can give you as that I go with what “resonates” as truth with me. Some people call it intuition, you hear cops call it “my gut” in the movies, but I prefer “resonate.” It`s all about energy. David Wilcock proves this, surely beyond question, in his brilliant book of which I cite some of his investigative work. I am, however, making no claims to be less fallible than the next person. To this day, I can`t say with certainty that what is revealed within Transform to Freedom is all truth - and certainly not the whole truth - for as Kimberlee Hicks noted when reviewing Transform to Freedom, even the authors I`ve cited have differing opinions, except with regards to two important points: They would all seem to agree that there is something very wrong with this world and that we - the 99% -are not in control of our own destiny, as we should be and that we have been lied to about any number of things. Hence, I`ve taken great care to make it clear, within the book, that Transform to Freedom is an investigation, and that I do not have “all” the facts, let alone all the answers. 

3. What inspired you to write this book?

I feel as though it is a calling; something that I`ve always been meant to do. I feel as though I`ve been chosen to do something to help humanity; that within my writing talents lies the medium in which I can help to make the world a better place. And I mean this in a most humble sense. I have no delusions that there will be those who will call me a crack-pot; there will be those who attempt to discredit me as an author and as a human being, and there will be those who violently oppose what I`ve outlined in this book, and suggest that the victim/witnesses are all wrong; that the perpetrators named in this book couldn`t possibly be the monsters they are exposed as. But, let`s just assume, for arguments sake, that what the victim/witnesses state, as cited by myself from the work of other authors, “is true.” What if, by exposing these criminals, two parents become more aware, and that ultimately the life of just one child is spared these horrific types of crimes as a result; what if Transform to Freedom, assists in the long overdue auditing of the Federal Reserve Banking systems, to name one other example; what if Transform to Freedom inspires an entire community to ensure that free energy becomes a reality for every household within it no matter what their local council tries to do to prevent it? 

What if the discoveries and the work of Jim Humble, in Africa (alone) “is” the most potent antibiotic known to man, and as a result millions of lives are spared a long and painful death from cancer, HIV, or Ebola, for that matter? Is what I`ve written, in Transform to Freedom, a waste of time? The answers to these rhetorical questions are the reason I`ve written Transform to Freedom. If I, and all the other authors, investigators, and victim/witnesses are wrong for whatever reasons, at least I`ll be able to sleep at night with the knowledge that I did it with the best of intentions. This is a journey of evolution that all of us are on. We`re still trying to figure it out.       

 4. In your book, you present the myriad views of an assortment of your peers. The outcome is the same, but do you personally have a solid belief about who is controlling the earth?

Yes. Transform to Freedom would never have been written; I certainly would never have finished it, if I didn`t have a passionate belief that we are being controlled by a group, or groups, of individuals who do not have our interests at heart. Naming them, however? Well, that`s the question of millennia. If I, and my peers are correct, evidence points to bloodline families of the Global Royal Dynasties and groups of top-secret societies that extend back beyond ancient Babylonian times. But these individuals, or groups, have all the resources in the world behind which to hide their hegemony and have had - if you adhere to certain metaphysical concepts - hundreds of lifetimes to perfect its omnipotence while appearing to be something else, by any other name.     

5. You repeatedly recommend that your readers research for themselves, the facts you share with them. What, in your opinion, are the most important items they should read?

One of many reasons John F. Kennedy was murdered is, according to some sources, that he wanted full disclosure of government practices, documents, technologies and future plans. Some of the whistleblowers that have come forward and spoken on the Project Camelot interviews were employed in “above-top-secret” positions, within the U.S. Government and its associated intelligence services. Whether these individuals ever put pen to paper, en mass (some of them already have), it is they who have had access to much of probably the most important information for our species at this time. These are possibly the people that have the answers. 

There must, surely, be caches of documented evidence, of “all” kinds of research, science/medical technology and, without doubt, crimes against humanity stored in some ultra-secure facility. It`s possible that finding these individuals and getting them to share their information is the key. It`s also a potential double-edged sword, however. Referring to chapters 2 and 3 of Transform to Freedom, Book II, one observes examples of mind-control and brainwashing techniques first perfected by the Nazi`s. So what I mean by the “the double-edged sword,” is how do we - or even the witness providing the information - know that what we`re getting is the complete, or indeed, the correct information? This is not an easy question, and will certainly be no easy venture. Someone once stated rhetorically, “when does conspiracy theory become conspiracy? When there`s enough evidence.” I guess it will, ultimately, be the same with corroborating witness testimony and documentary evidence.        

6. Do you believe freedom can be attained?

Yes. When it reaches critical mass - when enough people have “awoken” - we will collectively demand it; we`ll remove those that have enslaved us - not violently, there`s no need for, nor point to violence; and we`ll begin to implement the changes that are so drastically needed. I cite one precedent in chapter 5, of Book II, by way of illustrating what happens when enough people see a gross usurping of their basic rights in the works. It is the STOP SOPA campaign that occurred in the 2011. Many speak of “raising of consciousness” and this is what it is, indeed. Our attitude has to change. We have to awaken to the fact that we are being controlled by the manipulation of our most base, negative, instincts/emotions, all of which fall under the heading of “fear.” To name one example, when people realize, collectively, that money is fiat currency; wealth created out of nothing; wealth on paper (or a computer screen) only, and created only to control you, the things of “true” value can then begin to be appreciated.  

Others hold a belief that there are “those” who want to see us attain our freedom, but that it is against Galactic Federation law to “interfere with an evolving species.” Whatever the case may be, I don`t suggest waiting around for any group to do it for us; we have to attain our freedom for ourselves. For, it`s like with me writing this book. How proud would I have been of it if I`d paid someone to write it for me? How would I know it would have been done to my specifications, with everyone`s best interests at heart? No. We have to do it ourselves. 

7. You’ve said that you have only just begun the work you were meant to do. Can you share what your future plans are?

My next task is completely related and as such will probably appear as Transform to Freedom Book III.  Authors such as Michael Tsarion, Tony Bushby, H.G. Wells, John Keel and Comyns Beaumont, have a wealth of documented information that not only supports the findings of Zecharia Sitchen, and the genetic manipulation into existence of our species, (from Book I of Transform to Freedom) but that vastly expands upon it offering ever more salient examples and conclusions that are supported by the recorded legends of every culture on the planet. There is, additionally, another topic: a book that I could probably write in perhaps a week, based on my own most recent experiences. But, this book may have to wait and see if I manage to become a self-sustained, full-time author, due to the, apparent, nature of the people I will reveal within it. 

Additionally, returning somewhat to my answers from question 5, above, there is an underground installation in the Australian dessert, near a town called Alice Springs, that is called Pine Gap. It is a joint Australian/American Intelligence, surveillance and probably, technological/weapons development facility of some kind. Some sources have made some extremely interesting statements about this facility that I would love to follow-up on. But that book will have to remain a hopeful surprise at this time.