Trauma-Based Mind-Control

Several sources provide evidence that would suggest there is a group, or groups, of secret societies - black magicians - that engage in ritualistic sacrifice of the most vile nature; including child rape, forced eating of human excrement, forced ritualistic murders of children “by” children, and that there are networks of organizations specifically dedicated to locating, and even breeding children and adults to become both victims and victim/perpetrators of the most shocking crimes imaginable. You`ve already witnessed some of this testimony in chapter 1 of this book. We are now about to embark on an endeavour that could change your life; and that is, essentially, meant to.

Whether or not Erin Rothschild is correct in stating that, `it`s only a small percentage of reptilians that are bad,` and whether or not one has to be a `bad` reptilian to engage in the type of activities and rituals that follow in this chapter, would still seem to be unclear. According to Erin Rothschild, however,

There was a lot of abuse in my house, but there [was] also a lot of E.T.s in my house. I`m a fifty percent reptilian myself, actually; a Hybrid. Never, ever once have I ever been hurt by an ET. I`ve only ever been hurt by Earth humans (2013).

What does, however, seem to be the case is that several, if not many, secret societies exist today that are specifically dedicated to the desecration of that which is most pure, for the purposes of energizing entities that exist on a different plane of existence to that which is visible to the human eye. And perhaps most disturbing of all is that such groups, and the higher ranking members of them, are - and have placed themselves - in positions within societies that protect them from prosecution; that facilitate their activities, and that span a very wide variety of agencies (professions) many of which place them in positions of direct access to potential victims.

One of the saddest and most sickening stories you`re likely to ever encounter is that of Cathy - and daughter Kelly - O`Brien, written in conjunction with Mark Phillips. Mr. Phillips was in the employ of a national security agency when he first met Cathy and Kelly and ultimately decided to rescue them from mind control. Since then Mark Phillips has married Cathy and has been working with them as a family to have their horrendous experiences and those who perpetrated them exposed, and brought to justice and to have Kelly liberated from those who are still torturing her. Exposing them, has certainly begun to happen, but bringing them to justice is another problem altogether, when they are the Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Prime Ministers of Countries; when they are heads of Intelligence Agencies, and when they are high profile country music stars, for example, protected by the above, due to their parts in covert drug and weapons smuggling operations such as Iran-Contra.

In the book, Trance Formation of America, the reader will encounter some of the most sickening generational and ritual (Satanic, and not) abuse, sexual torture, paedophilia, bestiality, and murder, imaginable. David Icke first introduced this author to the O`Brien`s story when outlining “trauma - based mind control,” in his book Human Race, Get off Your Knees, The Lion Sleeps No More. First being utilized by the Nazis, essentially, trauma - based mind control is forcing the mind to compartmentalize into different segments in order to be able to cope with the horrific trauma and later be utilized for military, governmental, or other purposes by those with super human abilities resultant from this mind compartmentalization and certain consequent training.

Installation of mind control programming relies on the victim`s capacity to disassociate, which permits the creation of new, walled-off personalities to “hold” and “hide” programming. Already dissociative children are prime “candidates” for programming (Bain 2012: 301).

“The” involved the whipping of two year old children as only part of the programming for a Manchurian Candidate” (Rothschild 2013). Once called “Split Personality,” the more accurate term is now employed, “Multiple Personality Disorder,” (MPD) or Dissociative Disorder (DID), when a person has compartmentalized their mind - often into many different segments, to deal with many traumas and perpetrators, while experiencing an event - unspeakably horrific - such as anal rape to a two year old child.

“The minute I turned 4 years old, my father walked me into a room in the Pentagon, and a group of men - I can`t [won`t] say who they were - raped me” (Rothschild 2013). The event is so painful, particularly when done by someone the child thought they could - and should be able to trust; like a parent, that the mind splits off into different segments in order for the child to endure the pain - and betrayal - particularly when this hideous abuse is repeated time and again.

I always knew when it was time... he would come in to my room, strip me naked, hold me by the ankles, and I would hear the belt coming off. He would beat me like that until his frustration was done. And my mother would poison me. I`d be on the floor writhing in pain, and she would look at me and say “suck it up. Get up. It`s time to get up” and that was part of my programming (Rothschild 2013).

Among the most disgusting crimes against humanity outlined in Trance Formation of America, is that certain agencies of governments deliberately seek out children who are victims of such abuse, due to the fact that their fragile minds have already been shattered and, as such, make highly suitable candidates for “off-the-books, black operations” such as Project Ibis; the notorious MK-Ultra Program, and a project closely affiliated with it, Project Monarch, in England.

Governmental researchers knew about the photographic memory aspect of MPD/DID as well as other, resultant “super human” characteristics. Visual acuity of an MPD/DID is 44 times greater than that of the average person. My developed, unusually high pain threshold, plus compartmentalization of my memories were “necessary” for military and covert operations applications (Phillips & O`Brien 1995: 83).

Cathy O`Brien talks of her earliest memory of trying to clear her throat of her father`s semen in order that she could breath and of how he would boast that he substituted his wife`s nipple for his penis; and that of his brothers and friends. Earl O`Brien - her father for lack of a much more appropriate noun - engaged in the filming of Cathy, and her brothers and sisters, being abused in this way and then began to engage her/them in bestiality films, to be sold for lucrative profits for the mafia (Phillips & O`Brien 1995: 81 - 82).

The bestiality films were eventually intercepted being sent through the U.S. mail. The result of this was, according to Cathy O`Brien, the arrival of President Gerald Ford on her doorstep to make “arrangements” with her father Earl, in order that Earl would be immune from prosecution and Cathy would enter certain government programs. Cathy O`Brien was soon to enter `... a U.S. Government Defense Intelligence Agency TOP SECRET Project...This was Project Monarch... a mind-control operation which was “recruiting” multigenerational incest abused children with Multiple Personality Disorder for its genetic mind-control studies emphasis in original (Phillips & O`Brien 1995: 82).

... [D]rugs are not the deepest level of government-sponsored evil. I [John DeCamp] think the lowest level of Hell is reserved for those who conjured up and carried out the “Monarch Project.” “Monarch” refers to young people in America who were victims of mind control experiments run either by U.S. government agencies such as the Central Intelligence Agency, or military intelligence agencies. The story told by Monarch victims - one of whom is Paul Bonacci - is that they were tortured for the purpose of creating “multiple personalities” within them. These multiple personalities could then be programmed as desired - as spies, “drug mules,” or assassins italics in original (DeCamp 1996: 323).

Posted by Elliot Sabino November 6th, 2014.