Reviewed by Robert Kirkconnell for Readers' Favorite

Rating: 5 Stars

Transform to Freedom, Book I: What You Haven't Been Told by Elliot Sabino tackles the most universally accepted explanations for key events throughout history, and presents clear, rational, and well documented arguments that things did not happen as we assume. We take it for granted that the Titanic sinking was no more than a tragic accident, but Elliot Sabino presents a solid case that not only was it an "insurance job," but that the ship that sank was not even the Titanic! In straight forward fashion, Sabino comprehensively builds a case that this was the first mass-cover up in modern history. Elliot Sabino questions a surprising number of history's most famous assumptions and offers plausible arguments that money and power were behind them.

Transform to Freedom, Book I: What You Haven't Been Told is an exciting read that explores the dark side of wealth and power from the very beginning. Elliot Sabino gets right to the point in clear, concise language, presenting well supported evidence that wealth and power have controlled what we accept as random events. Transform to Freedom is well written, well referenced, and surprisingly comprehensive for its length. Those that want straight forward facts and where to find further discussion on history's most explosive subjects will enjoy this work. This is a must-read for those who are questioning world events and finding too many coincidences that appear to result in the concentration of wealth and power into the hands of a few.

November 24, 2014.

By Richard Wilcox Ph.D

This review is from: Transform to Freedom Book I: What You Haven`t Been Told (Kindle Edition) 


Rating: 5 Stars

Sabino tackles many important and heretofore practically unknown topics in this book. What we see is the budding talent of a great writer and inquisitive mind that is struggling to understand the dark side of the world, and expose it to light and thereby transforming us to freedom. Sabino is to be commended for the breadth and depth of his effort, not to mention courage to address the topics most people care not to think about too deeply.

Title: Transform to Freedom Author: Elliot Sabino Publisher: Elliot Sabino ISBN 9781483541563

Page Count: 129 Genre: Non-Fiction

Reviewed by: Kimberlee Hicks, Pacific Book Review, September 25, 2014.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

A great many terrible things do, and continue to, happen in this world. Gas prices rise, incomes sink, crime rates increase, and corruption seems to exist at every level of the government. War and disaster cripple entire cities, states, and even countries; and there would appear to be nothing we can do to prevent any of it from occurring, no matter how hard we try. These acts of depredation against our lives and well-being ensnare us in a web of hopelessness, making us feel as though we have no recourse.

What if the answers were more disturbing than we thought? Author Elliot Sabino, in Transform to Freedom, posits that the ills of the world are not as random as they appear, but, in fact, are orchestrated with malevolent intent. Drawing on the knowledge and research of his peers, Sabino shares with the reader a plethora of shocking discoveries which, he purports, are responsible for the problems that our planet has faced since it began, from the Garden of Eden, to 9/11, and beyond.

Without attempting to press his beliefs upon us, but while urging us to explore the evidence ourselves, Sabino presents a variety of anecdotes to support the assertions that the Earth has been enslaved; though by what or whom varies, as his fellow authors differ in their opinions. The Freemasons; Illuminati; a race of reptilian extraterrestrials; Satanists; and all-powerful Brotherhood, with a

membership including U.S. Presidents, the House of Windsor, the Rothschilds, and the Rockefellers. These manipulators control our lives, according to Sabino, causing pain and suffering and keeping us weakened.

As the title suggests, Sabino provides suggestions as to how mankind can escape its incarceration, although again, urging readers to do their own research and make up their own minds; to (to borrow his analogy) examine the world outside of the Matrix. All of those things that contribute to the readers’ feeling of helplessness, he says, can be controlled, if people are willing to fight back; and there is something to fight back against.

Transform to Freedom is a well-organized presentation, including no dearth of supportive material. If it lacks in any regard, it’s that Sabino relies so heavily on the research of his peers, and is so eager for his readers to do their own research (obviously to draw their own conclusions), that his evidence (while prolific) falls short of posing a solid argument, which he admits is not his intent.

With a startling premise, Transform to Freedom will certainly give you something to think about, whether you agree with Sabino’s assertions, or no. No one can deny that bad things happen in this world, and if you take this author’s advice and do the research he so earnestly suggests, it’s possible you’ll stumble upon more information than you ever dreamed could be possible. If anything is certain, it’s that you cannot fail to come away from this book without a multitude of questions, and I believe that is Sabino’s intent.

Reviewed by: Lee Jackson, October 10, 2014.

I love what you are doing. Your idea of bringing fourth the writings and findings of these authors and exposing their work to main stream people will go far in helping to raise the consciousness of our planet. I am happy you have been chosen to do this work. 

It is no coincidence that we have come across each others path. Because I too have been teaching this same knowledge to the world. I would love to discuss these subjects with you more  in-depth...

I will continue reading this extensive work but in my honest opinion your book and the style you have written it in is a winner. Congratulations!

Keep up the great work...