“The Olympic ... Whoops, I Mean the Titanic.”

A researcher and author by the name of John Hamer has uncovered some very interesting facts about the `Titanic` “that sank” on the 14/15 of April 1912. From studying the transcripts of both (American and British) enquiries into this disaster, in addition to the public records from the Harland and Wolff shipping company, a video presentation titled the Titanic Conspiracy –  the Great Deception can be found here, as at time of this writing, and is based on his book The Falsification of History; Our Distorted Reality. To paraphrase Mr Hamer`s findings from his brilliant research work we could start thusly: Three ships were built by the Harland & Wolff shipping company that was owned by J.P. Morgan who bought the British White Star Line. The first was christened the Olympic, the second the Titanic and the third the Britannic. The Olympic received little fanfare at its maiden voyage in June of 1911 and, due mainly to the long standing incompetence of its captain, was bound for disaster from the outset.

All information appearing in quotation marks below is from the John Hamer video cited in the previous paragraph. “Olympic`s first collision occurred on its maiden voyage June 14th, 1911 where it nearly sank a tug boat, in New York Harbour.” The second, and basically fatal accident was, 

...in September of 1911 when she ran into a British Royal Naval cruiser the HMS, Hawke, out of Southampton Harbour. This accident, was never publicised, and popped hundreds of thousands of rivets, bent steel beams, and huge sections of the ship were ripped away. The damage stretched almost 1/3 of the length of the ship and twisted Olympic`s hull, resulting in a list to port. She went back to dry-dock in Belfast for repairs, where, additionally, “the starboard propeller was borrowed from the Titanic. Olympic was at fault and as such `was liable for damages to the HMS Hawke, also.” 

Olympic was, incidentally, involved in yet another (third accident) in January 1912, after which, at around this time, the Titanic and “the Olympic were actually photographed, several times, together.” John Hamer, in his presentation, cited above, has photographic evidence that “... Olympic had 16 portals on the forward part of C deck, Titanic had 14 portals,” and “in the aft part of E deck the Olympic is open and the Titanic is closed.” Edward Smith” the captain of Olympic/Titanic “ ... had an appalling safety record; a braggart and show off” here is his resume as uncovered by Mr Hamer “ ... Olympic (3 accidents), Republic, Germanic, Coptic, and Majestic, in which several crew were killed. This latter accident was very well covered up.”

Olympic was basically a write-off after all this. To repair her and to pay the liabilities to the Royal Navy was going to “run into millions and millions of pounds. This would have meant the end of, not only White Star, but Harland and Wolff as well;` unless someone could pull a very sneaky, and murderous rabbit out of a hat, that could serve to solve several problems at once: to be reimbursed from an insurance fraud, the costs of repairs to a ship - let alone the initial outlay of building the thing which is now basically worthless; to be reimbursed, from insurance, that money of which is now owed, thanks to captain Smith, to the Royal Navy; and to rid J.P. Morgan, and his partners in crime, of some powerful adversaries to the Federal Reserve Banking system of which they were plotting to have rushed through Congress,

“ ...by the Chairmen of the House Banking and Currency Committee, Virginia`s Carter Glass ...” late on at night on December 23rd 1913, when most members had already left for the holidays. 

A very interesting statement is cited by Virginia Cowles, in her book, The Rothschilds:  a Family of Fortune. Lord Nathaniel Rothschild refused to allow his Alliance Assurance Company to insure Titanic, stating only, that it seemed `too big to float.` `People whispered that Lord Rothschilds was losing his flare ... for the premium was enormous and the risk negligible ... had he a premonition` (Cowles 1973: 179)? Or is it much more a case of inside knowledge, or even more sinister? Is there any evidence that the Morgans and the Rothchilds have been financial/political bedfellows in the past? A similar trick - it would seem - was performed by Larry Silverstein ` ... who, on April 26th, 2001, had taken out a lease on the World Trade Center` (Griffin 2004: 183). He received a US $3.5 billion payout from Swiss Re insurance company, after attempting to claim twice that amount, arguing that the terrorist attacks were two separate incidents (ibid).    

The timing of the lease is interesting, particularly in light of `a press release issued by Swiss Re on February 4, 2003 ...`

“...that Silverstein `knowingly and deliberately underinsured the WTC complex .... We believe the record establishes that in order to save on premium dollars, Silverstein intentionally refused to insure against the risk in excess of USD 3.5 billion.”

`The evidence in today`s brief reveals that Silverstein actually wanted to insure the WTC up to USD 1.5 billion ... [and] only reluctantly agreed to obtain the higher USD 3.5 billion total loss limit after his lenders required it in order to protect their debt exposure` (ibid). 

Many of you reading this book may be familiar with how the Federal Reserve Banking system came to be in existence. It is, however, prudent that we cover some main facts, for those who are yet unaware of it, as this event brings us to the third problem that needed to be solved by J.P. Morgan regarding three passengers who were three of the richest men in the world, at the time and who were on the Titanic`s maiden voyage:  Benjamin Guggenheim, John Jacob Astor, and Isador Strauss. According to Mr Hamer, these men were not in the finance (banking industry) but also, the retail and leisure industries. As such, Mr Hamer observes the introduction of a fiat currency (money backed by nothing), and the resulting inflation, interest and tax rate and labour cost increases, `Guggenheim, Astor, and Strauss, were opposing the introduction of the Federal Reserve Banking system.`  

This is the story of the Federal Reserve Bank, very much in brief by G. Edward Griffin as cited by Jim Marrs in his exhaustively researched book Alien Agenda. In November of 1910 Senator Nelson Aldrich – father – in - law of John D. Rockefeller Jr - convened a meeting between top executives of the Morgan Rockefeller interests at the hunting lodge of financier J.P. Morgan on Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia. Here plans were laid to create a central bank for the United States. `Griffin noted “what emerged” from this meeting was a cartel agreement with five objectives: stop the growing competition from the nation`s banks; obtain a franchise to create money out of nothing for the purpose of lending; get control of the reserves of all banks so that the more reckless ones would not be exposed to currency drains and bank runs; and convince congress that the purpose was to protect the public”` (Marrs 1997: 576). 

There are several other threads and much more information about the "true" story of Titanic and there are, of course, a myriad of  shocking instances of deceit; so very much more than most people know, and that are provable. The truth is coming out, now. Thankfully, it would seem that many are awakening.  

Please, feel free to place any comments or additional information, below. 

Regards, Elliot Sabino